Как троллить семейство Кардашьян

Инстаграм-близнец модели Кендалл Дженнер, покорил интернет, пытаясь доказать родство с сестрой Ким Кардашьян. Манекенщик, любитель жизни и брат-близнец Кендалл Дженнер. Кендалл Николь Дже́ннер — модель, участница телевизионного реалити-шоу «Семейство Кардашьян». Вымышленный «брат-близнец» модели Кендалл Дженнер создал смешную страницу в инстаграме, дорисовывая себя на фото звезды.

Как троллить семейство Кардашьян

Was kinda bummed the stylist only had one pair of shiny pants for the shoot... but part of being in fashion is just rolling with the punches and making whatever they give you WORK! Also, I fell off of that box and chipped a tooth. Does anyone have a dentist reco? Mine refused to keep seeing me ⯑ #DentistDrama #SorryDrLou #FollowYourDreams #fashion

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Kylie dared me to eat one of the juicy looking flowers but it wasn’t real and the paper got stuck in my throat and we only had the photographer for 1 hr so I had to just chill and pretend I wasn’t choking for a VERY long time smdh. #Easter #ProfessionalModel #loveme17

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my twinsie 4 lyfe!!! Love my sis more than all the Dunkaroos I’ve eaten in my 21 years on earth (which is a lot haha)! Even tho I was cropped out of the ultra sound and mom said I was an “unexpected surprise” I still feel #blessed to pop Martinellis and ride horses w/ you. #BirthdayTwins #UnexpectedSurprisesAreWhatMakesThemSurprises #ItWasTheHorsesBdayToo! #wtf

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I guess I screwed up and thought Halloween was on the 30th this year LOL smh At least my carrot costume was super comfy!! Special S/O to Tyga for graduating his improv class! He was so funny and the show was great!!! #iGetToCelebrateHalloweenTwiceNow #IWasACarrot #4yearsinarow

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Kinda crazy but I pocket-dialed into a radio contest and won FREE TICKETS to a preseason Laker game smdh!!!! Special shoutout to @dloading for making a lot of points and to @jordanclarksons for helping me park my car #CaraMadeTheHalfCourtShot #ItWasNuts #ShesReallyGoodAtBasketball

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Mom said that if I take ballet classes with Kendall then she’d have to take roller hockey with me but here I am 15 yrs later with dope AF posture and Kendall still doesn’t know how to lace a freakin skate hahaha ⯑ smdh. #SpandexFeelsWeird #BalletLife #SeriouslyThoWillSomeonePleasePlayHockeyWithMe?

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Pharrell organizes this CRAZY obstacle course every summer and this year Kendall got 1st Place and I got 2nd Place but I’m not even mad. Everyone knows 1st is the worst and 2nd is the best LOL!!! #ThxPharrell #SryiBrokeYourSwimmingPool #CONGRATSkendall @pharrell

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Everyone kept telling me this was a real dolphin but I knew they were lying cuz real dolphins are extinct smdh. It was def either animatronic or some gross kinda wet dog. #CantTrickKirby #FloridaKeys #MissYouDolphins #AnimalRights #FakeDolphin

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YES COACHELLA!!!!! I actually got lost for like 6 hrs last year and it was kinda traumatic but me n the crew have walkie talkies this year and a designated meeting spot! #almostcalled911 #stayhydrated #kirbyhacks #flashbackfriday #WokeUpInAPortaPotty ⯑ #ShaniaTwainWasAmazingTho #coachella

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Haha so embarrassing! I had to moon @justinbieber ‘s boat cause he was beating us in the Lake Tahoe Spring Invitational lol. I clearly had too much sugar and went a lil wild!! #WeWon #boatracing #JunkintheSwimTrunk #sorrynotsorry #sugarhigh #CapriSunLivin #tahoe #lovemylife #bestie #beachlife #race #funtimes

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Funnest thing about staying in new hotels is exploring LOL! Tight views, but also help #prankgonewrong #help #room223 #notajoke

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Me n Kendall got roped into an Elmo themed runway show but at least we got to choose our own hairstyles LOL! Kendall went with «Beyoncé Lemonade» and I went with «The Coolio» ALSO snapped a quick pic of Kendall but she wouldn’t let me post it (I’m def gunna post it)!!! #StayTuned #ElmoFashion #justBeatAngryBirds

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Felt like Leo in Titanic! The part where he drowned tho :/ still was a pretty chill beach day! #summer #waslegallydeadfor2minutes #wenthomeandwatchedtitanic #katewinslet #leo

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Seriously tho I’m stuck haha please get some scissors. Kendall looks graceful tho. #girlcanworkit #sizemedium #weretwins #buns #rihanna #birthdaycake

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Catching rays with the bae’s ⯑ @kyliejenner @kendalljenner #spf #iknowyouseeme #gotcutoutagain #betterlucknexttime #loveistheanswer

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